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  • Important message to YPAA Members and Friends

    The YPAA Board are considering its strategic direction in light of the adverse funding decision by the Australia Council.

    It is important that you are aware the decision has significant impact on the current operational model.

    There are several key factors the Board are taking into consideration.

    These include:

    • Member priorities
    • Operational model
    • Finances
    • Staffing
    • Organisation Location

    YPAA has existed as a member organisation for nearly 40 years. 2013 is in fact its 40th Birthday. In that time the organisation has always relied on the financial and volunteer support of its members. It is with that support and commitment now that YPAA will continue albeit with reduced capacity in the short term, ready to build its capacity afresh.

    The organisation is now served by excellent online capacity through its website and a shared file system that meaningfully supports a national network. This is a significant resource for the sector.

    It is more important than ever, given the funding climate, that we stand together to sustain and maintain even basic operations during 2013, utilise the resources we have and continue the work that is still so obviously needed.
    In order to consolidate its operations in the short term a range of actions have been undertaken:

    • There will be an extended office closure over the Christmas /New Year period.
    • Discussions have taken place with Carclew Youth Arts in South Australia to house the organisation. These discussions continue.
    • Staffing of the organisation will cease in the short term
    • Several new Board members have been identified and have agreed to join the Board in the New Year.
    • A new operational model has been considered that includes retention of the skills based Board combined with a second tier of state and territory representatives with responsibility for organising at a state / territory level.
    • YPAA envisions employing a staff member 1.5 days per week to continue basic operations in 2013.


    Members – What are your priorities? What can you do?

    At this time it is crucial for members to support the organisation.

    It is evident that funding for service organisations is contracting globally, not just in Australia and as a member organisation, it is the members who will have the most important role in determining the future of the organisation.

    The YPAA Board understands it is vital to hear what members consider are YPAA’s core functions to inform their ongoing considerations.

    The Board is particularly keen to hear more from the membership about the key issues the organisation should be tackling.

    There are also significant opportunities for YPAA members to contribute actively to the organisation.

    There are concrete actions members can undertake to assist and support YPAA at this time.


    • Members who have used YPAA services in 2012 but have not paid their membership fees for the 2012 period or part thereof are now asked to do so immediately. Join now: http://ypaa.net/membership/join-ypaa/
    • Knowing that services would be reduced in 2013 at least for the short term until further funding is attained, Members can commit to paying their membership for and in 2013. (Your nominal fee will immediately support the 1.5 per week staff position).
    • Members can actively support YPAA by volunteering a few hours per month or per annum
    • Complete this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ypaapriorities


    Thank you to all members for their patience and support in this challenging time.

    I ask that you do consider what you can do for YPAA at this time and realistically in 2013.

    It is important to note that all YPAA staff will have ceased operations by 4 December in order to accommodate leave entitlements.

    GM, Imogene Shields, has some exciting news to share about a new role for her and will be making an announcement shortly.

    I was privileged to have undertaken the role of Director of YPAA. It has been a challenging and exciting role and am inspired by the talent, the commitment and dedication of the members to the arts and to young people, nationally and globally through the ASSITEJ network.

    I formally hand over responsibility for the operations of the organisation to the YPAA Board.

    I am personally looking forward to returning to my own creative work and meeting you along the way as a committed YPAA member.
    (I’ll gladly commit to paying my membership fees for 2013)

    We look forward to hearing from you as soon as you are able to respond.

    Yours faithfully,

    Jim Lawson
    Director/ CEO
    Young People and the Arts Australia, ASSITEJ Australia Inc (YPAA)

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